12 questions that rate whether you're up to date.

This isn't trying to guess how old you are. You could be 80 and still down with the kids, or 15 and know jack about pop culture.

So let's find out if you know your swag from your YOLO, and we'll rate you against everyone else your age.

Part 1: Media

If you don't know a question, you can skip it.

1. Name any member of One Direction other than Harry Styles.

You'll get more points if you know their last name too.

2. Which of these are real social networks?

Tick as many as you like.

3. Who's the most recent Blue Peter presenter you can name?

4. What's Shaun Ryder known for?

Tick as many as you like.

5. Who ISN'T a member of Odd Future, AKA Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All?

6. Who ISN'T a cast member of Geordie Shore?

7. Name one of the three lead characters (not actors) of the Twilight saga.

You'll get more points if you know their last name too.

Part 2: Slang

What do these phrases mean in modern British slang?

If you don't know, you can skip the question.

"Allow smelly people on the tube!"

"Your shoes are peng!"



Tick the ones we just made up.

Finally, how old are you?

We'll compare your results against other people your age.

I'm years old.



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